Learn to paint your kitchen cabinets the right way with this complete guide!

Step-by-step cabinet painting instructions, planning sheets, shopping lists, and more will make the cabinet painting process manageable for the DIY'er of any level.

Cut through conflicting advice online and give your kitchen the makeover you've been dreaming of!

This digital download contains:

- Step-by-Step Cabinet Painting Instructions: we take you through all phases of your cabinet painting project - from preparation, to cleaning, to priming, painting, and more.

- Master Supplies List: we set out everything you need for the perfect DIY job in a convenient shopping list (and also in each tutorial section) - saving you time and money.

- Work Flow Checklist: keep track of where you are in the process with the convenient Work Flow Checklist.

- Kitchen Layout & Numbering document: the Kitchen Layout & Numbering sheet will ensure that you put everything back together exactly the right way. (Trust us: you need this!)

- Master Kitchen Design Plan document: a customizable Master Kitchen Design Plan helps you pick the right paint color and visualize how your newly painted cabinets will look with the rest of your kitchen's finishes.

Save yourself time, money, and frustration by getting all of the information you need to tackle this job with confidence!